1. sweet peaches

    I was not aware there was a Little Dick

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    She looks a little too… what’s the word I’m looking for here… normal? Well-adjusted? Not like the spawn of someone who spent the better part of a decade getting drunk in public and urinating on himself? Well, one of those words.

  3. And then people ask me why I support human breeding permits…

  4. C’mon. Even Michael Jackson possessed children. (I wish there was a better way to phrase that.)

  5. ThisWillHurt

    Gay plus cocaine equals child? I don’t remember this equation in sex ed.

  6. Please let her name be Anita, please, please…

  7. The Pope

    Cropped out of photo, the girl’s mother: Sandy Cunt

  8. Cock Dr

    We can only hope that he has NOTHING to do with her actual day to day parenting.

  9. QUITE the surprise.

  10. Mumbler

    Where’s Jon Lovitz when you need him?

  11. So, he got drunk and fell into a vag once and this beautiful child came out? She’s a serial killer. Gotta be.

  12. Is the implication here that this little girl came out of some guy’s ass?

  13. Kel

    He just pretends to be gay so that when he’s molesting women they’ll giggle and squeal “let’s go shopping!!!” rather than hand him a restraining order.

  14. Poor thing is destined to be a fuck-up.

  15. Andy Dick has a daughter? And she’s hot? Just when I lose all hope for humanity, they pull something like this.

  16. It’s Andy’s little Dick.

  17. SomeRandomChic

    Oh good lord, I always heard he was hung before he lost his damned mind. This is a John Hamm-and-then-some.

  18. Billy Bob

    Her name is Ivana.

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