1. I didn’t know they sold coke in 16oz cups

  2. looking old

  3. Hollywood’s newest diet craze: “smoothie snorting”.

  4. Prune juice? I hear old people drink it to help them crap.

  5. Toe Jam

    I like that she’s looking a little downgraded. That just means my chance of hitting it have gone up. (It’s like the lottery, my chance is near zero, but, my odds just went up – gotta look on the bright side).

  6. Can’t wait til all of you get old. I’ll laugh and laugh.

  7. Andie

    Dude, I’m only a year younger than her and seriously she looks at least 10 or 15 years older than me. I feel awful for her, she’s aging TERRIBLY.

  8. Too many years in the sun. If not that, then maybe she’s just turning naturally ugly.

  9. Pete

    Even when she was young & “fresh”, she still had the smile of Joker, so I’d pass.

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