1. B&WMinstrel

    Looks like someone needs to put a pot at the end of Rainbow

  2. Rainbow Rotella…

    Motor Oil for Miatas.

  3. She saved her daughter the trouble of coming up with a stage name

  4. CK

    Because “Tri-Color Rotini” was already owned by Barilla.

  5. that poor child

  6. Rainbow Rotella? Sounds like a gay pasta.

  7. Toe Jam

    Reporting live from Holly Madison’s vagina: “Hello!…hello, hello, hello. Echo!…echo, echo, echo.”

  8. Tiffiney

    Her manicure matches her baby’s name. How cute is that! Back in my day, we used to match our lipstick color with our purse and shoes. Now…WTF is happening in the world…no glamor in Hollywood anymore.

  9. Aside from the fucked-up baby name, Holly looks pretty good here. Healthy and happy.

  10. She looks great. I’m glad to see she finally made that baby.

  11. #1 (as pointed out above) Nails match the name…
    #2 She is already making the baby a “Bunny”.
    #3 Congrats on a healthy baby!

  12. She looks very cute as a mom.. but that name!!? Terrible.

    • I thought Rotella was a brand of cheese. Turns out it’s the baby-daddy’s last name. Or, if you prefer, Rotella is a line of heavy duty engine lubricants. Kind of makes for some interesting visuals, doesn’t it…

  13. Yes, Holly, we KNOW you’re preg…let me rephrase…we KNOW you were pregnant…damn showoff!

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