1. Can someone please ask the red cross to bring out the time machine? 1995 should be good…

  2. shes pretty

  3. alex

    Buffy’s slippin….

  4. Shemp

    She was in one or two (?) SyFy original movies where she was even um sizier than this. But honestly, she pulls the look off pretty well. Yeah, I know it’s impossible to remember her in “Dude Where’s My Car?” and wonder what happened, but still. Time passes. One of the consequences of being alive is having to grow older. Still, even with the curves, she is a knockout. “Built for comfort” as they say. I dig her…

  5. she looks great. normal works for her.

  6. She’s still pretty, and she’s on Psych now. My very favorite show.

  7. This is one of those times when a basic black dress would have worked better for her.

  8. Spade just let out a huge sigh of relief.

  9. Swearin

    Buffy the Pancake Slayer

  10. She needs to lay off those frozen meals….

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