1. Fredical

    Why does my finger smell like Tom Cruise?

  2. “Look Jeremy, I know you’re a pro and everything. And believe me, I hate asking this but can you make this character less… uhmmm.. how shall I put this… gayee?”

  3. “Yep, definitely should have wiped better”

  4. Appearently filming “The Ron Swanson Story.”

  5. ScotlandThe Brave

    He’s just realised his cigarette is in his other hand.

  6. I thought maybe he was playing Silvio in a new Sopranos movie.

  7. He looks a little like Colin Firth here, must be because he’s covering his non-chin. Maybe Rumer will donate some of hers.

  8. “Doesn’t smell like your wife to me!”

  9. Perhaps they should entitle it, “Smells like gay-man’s Finger.” a/k/a chicken.

  10. martian

    jeremy renner and christian bale in the same movie.
    a bout time.

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