1. even this one, Lena. Well you get the point. All of them but you.

  2. gold digger rule #1: no less than 2 kids. check.

  3. You got a life of preventable diseases ahead of you, kid.

  4. “Stop making stupid people famous.”

    I saw that graffiti-ed somewhere. It’s my new motto.

  5. boxlunch

    I’ve totally done my research, you guys! I’ve read Jenny McCarthy’s book like three times!

  6. coljack

    See – the movement is right. You CAN be fat but fit.

    • coljack

      Just so I don’t rot in hell (or anger any pregnant women on this site – although really? have you SEEN the site?), I’m not saying she looks fat. I am saying she looks fit. Incredibly fit – her belly looks almost fake. That’s what’s funny to me. For the record, she is beautiful, and I hope she’s having a wonderful and healthy pregnancy.

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