1. Photoboy in his work clothes?

  2. WTF!, I said I wanted some head from that chick, not cut off and give me her head.

  3. Camel Clutch ALL the Jabroni’s.

  4. Please tell me he’s wearing the curly-toed shoes!

  5. MRF

    One pile-driver too many.

  6. meeps!!

    What did Guillermo get himself into now…?

  7. “Sheiken look like dis”

  8. Sheik and Bake….yeah babbbyyy!!!

  9. who is this idiot now? & why?

    • Ah, yes. Somebody too young to remember the epicness of the WWF (now WWE) in the 80s. Back when pro wrestling was dangerously close to becoming mainstream. Good times.

  10. Swearin

    More like “Iron Deficiency Sheik” now

  11. If he doesn’t get to play MODOK in Iron Man 4, I’m boycotting the rest of Marvel’s 3rd phase.

  12. Toopier

    Please! That’s enough Kelly LeBrock.

  13. Sheik – rattles and rolls.

  14. Harsky & Starch

    The Ironside Sheik.

  15. PassingTrue

    Having his face on the end of the condom was the worst marketing decision, ever.

  16. She’s hot but those are not boat shoes.

  17. coljack

    If Ron Jeremy wants to try bringing peace to the middle east, I say let him.

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