1. brick

    Momma said YOU STOLE MY HAT!

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “This hat says I should go in Hufflepuff, y’all!”

  3. When the producer said to film LL’s mushroom head, I think the cameraman got confused.

  4. LL Jizz J

    Act in a copy cat series. Check. Sing in a copy cat Hat. Check. Look like Queen Latifah. Che… is that Queen Latifah?

  5. malaka

    we all know the ladies love cool james.
    but who knew that the camera man was so smitten.

  6. Look at what Pharrell has started. Goddammit.

  7. “Everybody has a weird hat now. Pharrell has the Arby’s hat. Usher has the coon skin cap. Just get me a piece of felt and lay it on my head. Yeah, like that. Perfect!”

  8. cc

    Yo, I’ll get you my little pretty.

  9. Don’t call it a comeback. Because it isn’t. It is just a paycheck

  10. Earvin Johnson III’s been working out! Looks good!

  11. Vlad

    Gonna’ tell a little story ’bout a man named JED…

  12. JJ Hot L

    That hat is not like a shark fin.

  13. coljack

    OK, I take it back: Pharrell has the *second* dumbest hat ever.

  14. Jay Kay

    Pharrell started dumb hats? You folks must be young… go watch a Jamiroquai clip.

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