1. God that’s creepy.

  2. This is what they mean by meta right?

  3. He’s thinking that his dream has finally come true as he prepares to toss his own salad.

  4. right here is where the cheeseburgers come out…

  5. “Well, I’m going to HAVE to check for prostate cancer!”

  6. There’s nothing about this photo I don’t like

  7. malaka

    forever and always, i’m always here.

  8. This guy LOVES buns

  9. Show us on the doll where Mr. Travolta asked you to touch him.

  10. Swearin

    He calls that move “The Double Double”

  11. He’s adjusting the temperature on the chocolate sundae machine.

  12. Vlad

    Performing the German Mind Meld

  13. I wear women's shoes

    The look of surprise on his face is what is concerning me…

  14. K-tron

    “They even got the waxy texture right. Amazing!”

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