1. I love dat ass. She’s really hot.

  2. Most semi drivers just use their side mirrors to check out their A-train.

  3. how many asses in the mirror?

  4. “Does this ass make my ass look fat?”

  5. malaka

    wasn’t the bp oil spill enough of an environmental disaster??

  6. Objects in mirror are fatter than you think

  7. “Is… is that where my poop comes from?”

  8. Yep, still fat and ugly.

  9. fred

    We actually have a lot in common. I also check my towels for shit stains after I sit on them.

  10. i don’t know why, but i really really really want to suck on her asshole…

  11. Objects in mirror may appear less relevant.

  12. those are some depressing ass picutres!

  13. david(guest)

    one more squeez should do it, nicki

  14. the blank look on her face says it all. & by all I mean ‘dis how chicken look?’

  15. Lou Braccant

    Lucky she posted that pic, otherwise I would have forgotten how much of a ho she really is! Thank god for twitter :-)

  16. I like her ass.

  17. piper

    What a coincidence! That’s the same look my dog gives me when I check her ass for dingleberries too!

  18. She should have given her tits _different_ names. It’s too confusing this way.

  19. tlmck

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the latest rap sensation, Fotey Ounce.

  20. “Ok, next level Nikki, you got this: Toned down my hair, muted all my colors including earth tone make-up. Ok world, here I come..damn. I almost forgot. I have a cartoonishly fake donkey dumper.”

  21. bok

    dis how chicken lay egg.

  22. Sure it’s big, but is it big booty ho big?

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