1. I’ll bet dealing with Charlie can turn those huge forehead veins blue.

  2. jesus, EAT!!!!!!!!!

  3. hamtime

    Holy crap, What’s Klingon for “five-head”?

  4. She might look as crazy as cat shit, but next to Charlie Sheen she’s a fucking saint.

  5. Sometimes the body initially rejects Extremis, which can be horribly painful.

  6. Wharf

    I make Charlie pop a boner. Charlie makes me pop a vein. Even Steven

  7. Cock Dr

    I blame Charlie for this.

  8. meeps!

    ConSec is at it again…

  9. Ironically, her brain doesn’t need all that much oxygen.

  10. Sorry Denise, JJ’s casting for Star Wars now, not Star Trek…

  11. Emails from her publicist are probably flying all over to media outlets, everywhere.

  12. I am speechless.

  13. Well, now we know what Lou Ferigno’s bicep would look like with eyeballs and hair.

  14. her face and my penis are made for each other…both are covered in throbbing purple veins

  15. I thought Charlie was the dickhead.

  16. IdSniffIt

    She’s holding in a major fart.

  17. “So… Denise, what you been up to?”
    “RomuluSnganpu’ vIHoHta”
    “Well then… Qapla!”

  18. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Veins? She’s the fucking Mother Theresa of Hollywood

    I’d contribute to a Kickstarter for hits on Charlie and his ho.

  19. Bad Grandpa

    I think I sharded

  20. t

    On the set of V.

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