1. Justin Bieber, 2056

  2. Who knew Tracy Morgan was such a good impressionist?

  3. cajunhawk

    Mozart!!! Mozart, forgive your assassin, I confess, I got everybody pregnant!!!

  4. malaka

    what the hell!!
    get this guy some beads for fucks sake!!

  5. Ivan

    Just a reminder not to fuck with F Murray, he may be 70+ but
    he can still beat the shit out of you! damn…

  6. Urbanspaceman

    The bastard who killed Mozart and tried to kill Captain Picard. No forgive, no forget.

  7. 50 years after Jersey Shore, the Situation still can’t keep his shirt down.

  8. What the hell…dude looks pretty good.

  9. Linday Lohan, circa 2015.

  10. “Suck me, Amadeus.”

  11. Eff Murray Abraham.

  12. MZ MIZRY

    as usual, terry richardson is jerking off as he’s taking this picture.

  13. He just needed to get something off his chest. I think it was his shirt.

  14. Somebody in the crowd shouted “Act like a shortwave radio!!!!”

  15. I think he just has the willies.

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