1. Remember what I said yesterday about not sticking your dick in crazy? I take it back. She might be worth a few stab wounds.

  2. “It is not I who am CRAZY!”

  3. Spleen

    She looks sane.

  4. malaka

    she was so cute 25 years ago.
    now she’s just another faces of meth.

  5. I bet she’s fun. I’d totally hang out with her for an afternoon of rampant shoplifting.

  6. Ivan

    The problem is, you don’t know if she’s going to give you an
    afternoon of mind blowing sex, or tie you up and abuse you.
    Wait, second thought, that’s not a problem….

  7. Still would. I wonder if she’d share some of that coke?

  8. She needs to lay off the beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice.

  9. Crazy neighbor lady.

  10. She needs to lay off the Botox, but in my book is one of the all-time hottest film actresses. Incredible body.

  11. She looks beat

  12. I remember the first time I saw her – she totally stole my heart.

  13. Harsky & Starch

    Spock should’ve stopped practicing the Vulcan Death Grip on his Mom’s face.

  14. Vlad

    Still crazy after all these years

  15. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    WOW! Mom was right, your face can freeze “like that”!

  16. Liz Lemon should lay off the Botox.

  17. Cougar, Interrupted.

  18. bo

    shes aging beautifully, looks like she hasn’t had any work done

  19. Morpheus

    If Salma Hayek and Tina Fey morphed…

  20. Fingergod

    “I know! I though I was dead too!”

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