1. Oh, how I’d love to be there. Just me and her out on a boat, with no land in sight. I have her all to myself. The fun we’d have.

  2. sadly, she took these to send to the casting director of “Sharknado 2″.

    The world’s most motorboatable woman on a motorboat? This is getting way too literal for me.

  3. I bet she is really appreciating this flat, blue seascape which is quite the contrast of the lumpy, black, boner-filled package she usually has jammed in her eyes all day long.

  4. I’ve always thought that she belonged on a bow of a ship.

  5. The ship sank moments later.

  6. Vlad

    In the event of an emergency, her boobs can be used as flotation devices

  7. anonymous

    Is it redundant wanting to motorboat on a motorboat?

  8. She’s hot but those are not boat shoes

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