1. Will

    There’s no way your squeegee’s gonna reach my windshield with a step ladder, dude…let me give you a boost, little fella.

  2. Hurp

    I’m pretty sure Fish covered the quote of the day by the caption alone.

  3. Nooken

    I don’t care what you say, Jeremy Piven’s new hair piece looks great.

  4. Josephus

    “No, really, Snooki only comes up to here on me.”

  5. Deacon Jones

    “For the last fucking time, I will not reenact the Munchkin song for a ride Downtown”

  6. Does being a midget require you to have bad hair?

  7. Why the hell is The Imp in NY?

  8. Rough conquers passive aggressive angry birds

    That is one brave little person. Those Midwestern cabbies wont hesitate to run over him. Twice if he complain…

    • The Critical Crassness

      Somebody failed their geographical references exam! New York City is not in the Midwest!

  9. Turd Ferguson

    Oooooh. He’s an angry Elf.

  10. Crapster

    I clicked on the “View Full Size” link. It didn’t make a difference.

  11. cc

    Mirror meets face in 3, 2, 1…

  12. tkb

    I can’t let you in my cab without a booster seat.

  13. Ruth

    I love him. Death at a Funeral (original 2007 UK version) was f*cking hilarious.

  14. Ed

    “An adult is supposed to hold my hand when I’m in the street! What the f**k??”

  15. Mooty

    If THIS guy was photographed on the other side of Kim K with Kris Humphries, THATis a poster I would have framed on my wall.

  16. SuperT

    I forget, is he Tim Tom or Kevin?

    No seriously, I love this guy.

  18. Trousers

    A Lannister always pays his debts

  19. Dweezel

    Hey, the Station Agent was a great flick.

  20. Hailing a cab? Watch out for that car mirror son!

  21. Souldn’t he be wearing one of those orange whip-flags, like on a kid’s bike in the 80s?

  22. Pete

    Why can’t I view this picture full size?

  23. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I thought Tom Cruise just jumps on Katie’s back to get home…

  24. castallare

    I won’t lie; I’d hit it. A guy like that looks in the mirror and says, “Fuck you, Hollywood! I’m a great, legitimate actor and you’re gonna take me seriously as something other than a Wee Man gimmick!” and he went forward and tackled the shit out of the industry, even once being in a movie based on real events, playing a guy WHO WASN’T A MIDGET IN REAL LIFE. That’s how badass he is. And guys with real confidence are hot. (Uh, except here. Obviously he’s just coming home from a rough night out.)

  25. Dammit, who put the actor in the dryer?

  26. I Rock Socks Off

    He’s going for a short ride.

  27. Anyone else find it ironic that both his pants and sleeves are too long? The dude probably makes 10X my salary…get some clothes that fit!

  28. poor taste

    My god, The Superficial Editor. While I normally enjoy your your witty commentary on the pit of ridiculousness that is pop culture and rarely find any of your jokes offensive, why on fucking earth do you think it’s okay to make fun of little people? Posting the photo is not too dreadful but celebrating the offensive comments on The Most Important People gallery is ridiculously low, tacky. Making fun of little people is no different than mocking people because of their race. It’s treating someone poorly based on something they have absolutely no control of. It’s degrading, ignorant and harmful.
    Please don’t be a tool.

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