1. Jill_Ess


  2. dontlooknow

    Run pretty princess, run!

  3. Holy shit, he can levitate now?

    It’s all over for us.

  4. Josephus

    He just discovered that wearing a Barcelona shirt in Madrid gets you the same treatment as being a young boy in Usher’s house.

  5. It had to be said

    He’s got little girl legs . . . oh, right.

  6. Storm

    Where’s Jiminy Cricket?

  7. Bucky Barnes

    I see the Special Olympics has a new mascot. Good for them!

  8. Turd Ferguson

    Soccer? Right.
    He should be curling, eh.

  9. RandaI

    UNICEF is the world’s leading advocate and charitable organization for children. Polio affects all ages of children. Through your generous donation Justin here may by able to lock and pop again.

  10. sean

    its called football ya dickkkkkk

  11. toolazytothinkofaname

    Why does it look more like the wax sculpture he fondled a week or two ago than a real person?

    • The Critical Crassness

      Because it is the wax sculpture. The little gay prick is in his hotel room hiding from all those dirty little female fans.

  12. tkb

    I can run! I can run!

  13. The Critical Crassness

    This year’s poster child for the “Jerry Lewis Telethon” has just been announced….It’s Justin Beiber!

  14. Wells

    Short socks, shaved legs…
    Need I say more ?

  15. cc

    He’s pretending to be 12 again so Selena won’t ask him about his lack of pubic hair.

    • minx

      God, will he ever stop looking 12? It’s like the second coming of Lil Bow Wow.

      One more thing. I never thought I’d say this, but he should’ve kept the hair.

  16. Ed

    “If your team wins, I’ll give you tickets to my show, but if my team wins, you have to let me borrow one of your penis’ so I can pretend to have a bulge. The socks make my clitoris puffy”

  17. Zelda

    “Look Usher! I’m a REAL boy!”

  18. Lita

    I hope Madrid keeps him.

  19. Thom

    I hate Hermione’s new haircut!

  20. Mooty

    Ha! It looks like Amanda Bynes in that movie “She’s the Man”

  21. John

    They are remaking Ladybugs?

  22. Its that moment when he breaks his shackles and runs for the first time….”Run Forest…Run!!!!”

  23. Sin

    What an effeminate, non athletic sorry excuse of a boy that is.

  24. BigJim

    Is UNICEF the acronym for NAMBLA in Spain?

  25. DonDopey

    “HEY! Let me get one of those orange slices!”

  26. Someday, when his testicles drop, he’ll be a real boy.

  27. Are they remaking Seaquest too?

  28. Of course he can fly, too.

  29. reformed_druid

    Without the hair he looks just like the kid from “Slingblade”.

  30. I’m not sure Pinocchio losing his strings was for the best.

  31. Death wont stop Michael Jackson from chasing after the boy meat!

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