1. Josephus

    “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so…SCA – no, actually, I’m not scared at all.”

  2. Mario’s mom is hot.

  3. Josephus

    I have never seen a man more uncomfortable with having a woman’s hands on him. Ever. And I’ve been to Perez Hilton’s page.

  4. Euroman

    Lost & Loser (Take your pick which is which)

  5. doogleberg

    You know what’s scary? They both peaked at “Saved by the Bell”.
    Think about that.

  6. RayRay's Nubbin

    hard to tell who shaves more

  7. cc

    I can’t believe her career didn’t really take off after Showgirls. I saw that as a breakthrough role.

  8. tkb

    Get your finger outta my ass, Mario or I tell them how you used to felate Screech on set.

  9. Deb

    “Look, Mario, I’ll hold you, and you’ll hold the skin of my face back with your right hand…”

  10. Ed

    “Hey, Remember back in our Saved By The Bell days when I let you finger my ass”

    “Yeah, Mario, I remember”

  11. This guy has never wronged me in any way, which makes it extremely hard for me to understand why God why this urge to stomp his face…

  12. Grammar Bunny

    Beauty and the Douche

  13. I think i see…..a little cum glimmer on the lips….

  14. Have you ever seen a plane crash happen in the same place as a train wreck? Then you understand the career paths you’re seeing in this picture.

  15. “I like nice tits.”

  16. All they need is Lisa and Screech and we’ll have the complete set of Saved By The Bell actors who’ve done nothing but Robot Chicken since 2000.

  17. Did she just finish wiping Slater’s ass with her sleeve?

  18. fooey

    no mullet no perm no way

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