1. Josephus

    Her son is “Epic Win” from the DirecTV commercials? Opulence…he have it.

  2. Someone should tell her to go back to the toy store, pick up her son, and pay for that giraffe.

  3. cc

    I’d still give her the whip cream special.

  4. Getting her hot back alright.

  5. Arzach


  6. Dog is bounty hunting babies now?

  7. DonDopey

    So she left Alvin and Simon with Dave then?

  8. Pete

    Why is that woman carrying an ejection seat from an F/A-18?

  9. Just a reminder to you women who still have a baby pooch after 5 years ….

    • APPLE

      I tried not to laugh, but that was funny.

      Post preg weigh is based on what you ate during the preg and your activity levels. She was in great shape before and looks great now.

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