1. catapostrophe


  2. Derp. I own the Dodgers now. Deeeerrrrrrrrp.

  3. Richard McBeef, MD

    Long term non progressors (LTNPs) are people infected with HIV that never proceed to AIDS despite the absence of standard antiretroviral therapy. They often have a low circulating viral load and normal levels of CD4+ T helper cells. While this phenomenon has been noted in patients infected with a weakened form of HIV, many LTNPs are infected with highly virulent strains, suggesting a host genetic component that blocks progression of the disease.

    Study of the genetic mechanisms that contribute non-progression is an active area of HIV research as an understanding of the mechanism could have major implications on the development of vaccines and other HIV therapies.

  4. Good lord, it’s a a black Mr Snuffleupagus!!!

  5. Bonky

    “Can’t a brother just get his derpa derp on ?”

  6. it had to be said

    It’s like Bill Cosby and Jay Z had a baby together.

  7. dooood

    looks like the daughter from the incredibles is blowing him

  8. Mike Walker

    You gonna get… derped.

  9. Hey hey hey! It’s Faaaaat Magic!

  10. neo_v

    i’d like to punch the morons that came up with all of this ‘derp’ idiocy….

  11. The Brown Streak

    Dammit, now I want a Jell-O Puddin’ Pop!

  12. Man, he’s giving Nick Nolte a run for his money in the gigantic head department.

  13. Hey, Magic, why the long face?

  14. bigalkie

    Hello Kingfish

  15. “It’s a beautiful day in the stadium, a beautiful day in the stadium…would you be mine?”

  16. Justin

    That’s a 2 Billion Dollar head change right there. Either that or I’d like to try HIV suppressants.

  17. The Country Bears get a much needed night off.

  18. mbcl

    reprising the role of Tor Johnson in the new movie “Plan 9 from Compton”

  19. Jill

    I thought he had HIV, not downs.

  20. franka

    The hazards of ingesting pink slime – Revealed!

  21. journalschism

    Black Hitchcock

  22. Psycobiff

    First you get the AIDS, then you get the sweater, then you get the Jello pudding.

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