1. Coming soon to a theater near you, the live action “Corpse Bride.”

  2. Robb

    Why the fuck she wasn’t killed at the end of Big Love is a tragedy.

  3. Zombie Kitty

    Why the long face?

  4. Deacon Jones

    God, i fucking hate Hollywood anymore

  5. PTFunk

    Definition of but-her face.

  6. Ok, please line up in front of the backdrop for your photo…ok, now on the count of three say “my date sucked Vincent Gallo’s dick on camera in Brown Bunny”…click! Perfect!

  7. Hipster Doofus Prom Picture

  8. Dinklepoop

    Say what you will, we know she’s a goer. And I’d like her to come, over. Er, come over her… In her… On her… Whatever, she’s dirty and I LOVE THAT!

  9. That dude looks pretty intense. The guy with the scarf is no slouch, either!

  10. toopier

    She’s just found out that Rosebud is a sled.

  11. weasel

    How did she have much better posture as a Mormon polygamist 2nd wife? Method acting?

  12. Deryn

    Think she made him wear the scarf?

  13. Apparently, the dinner was sponsored by the Sarah Jessica Parker Fan Club.

  14. The dude was in the Underbelly series I saw on DirecTV just recently. The girl is some artsy cocksucker.

  15. Dr. Awesome

    “nice” pinstripe suit! it’s like oswald cobblepot slimmed downed and nabbed himself a bird! then started wearing a bunch of stupid make up and unnecessary scarves.

  16. She looks a lot different when she doesn’t have a cock in her mouth.

  17. The Critical Crassness

    You’d look mad too, if your date was Chloe Sevigny and she just told you “No”, because she didn’t want to smear her lipstick!

  18. Doc Schweinstrudel

    She is awesome I LURRRVEEEE her

  19. I swear on all that is holy, if I see one more Holyywood douchebag wearing a scarf, I’ll get on a plane, fly west, find that person and strangle them with their own self righteousness.

  20. Gilberator

    I thought they were killed off in Zombieland…

  21. Undercover

    And that scarf, my friends, is why you stay off drugs.

  22. kimmykimkim

    I like way her lipstick coordinates with the color of his heroin addicted eye bags. That was sweet of her to do that for him. And the scarf that he pulled off some homeless lady really pulls it all together.

  23. sarah

    when did she get stumps?

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