1. When did Hot Dogs on a Stick change their uniforms?

  2. Robb

    Huge nose? Check.
    False sense of superiority? Check.
    Talent? …..

  3. hmna

    1968 called, they want their outfit back.

  4. Racer X

    All the Glee girls have funny shaped faces.

    /except the jewish-asian one

  5. adolf hitler

    she is so ugly

    • Dorian Gray

      Let’s see:
      - Eyes too close together?…check
      - Nose to make Dick Dastardly jealous?…check
      - Still got baby facial fat from 6 months of age?…check
      - Ununiformed lips screaming collagen injections?…check
      - A 12 year old’s haircut?…check

  6. baron of all media

    I’m more than happy to volunteer to F her funny enough to earn that outfit. And the 29 others just like her once they get out of that VW.

  7. She looks like Dita Von Teese fresh off a wisdom teeth extraction.

  8. Question: “Who can turn the world on with her smile”?
    Answer: Not this snotfaced brat

  9. SIN

    I though Demi Lovato got fat again.

  10. that is one unattractive dude, which makes her vagina an especially repulsive thought.

  11. Dinklepoop

    Retard monkey strength?

  12. TrulySexy

    She looks like a dirty, filthy popsicle that a whore bought with jizz stained one dollar bills

  13. Suge

    I’m sorry, but this is one ugly girl :(

  14. Everything about Glee has gotten so militantly gay, Ryan Murphy is having the cast dress in rainbow uniforms now.

  15. I’m sorry Lea, but your shit DOES stink.

  16. Drew

    I can’t be the only one who thinks she’s cute as hell. Did you see that “controversial” magazine photoshoot? With the tiny underwear and tube socks? Fuck.

    • tank

      she is only cute when she is almost naked. her body is perfect but when its covered up all you can focus on is that ugly mug.

      • Drew

        I dunno, dude. I’m into it. Totally into it. When she smiles that 1,000 Watt smile on that show of hers… But, yeah, Diana Agron has got her by miles.

  17. Axl McManrod

    “It’s Friday.. Fri…” Oh, shit. My bad.

  18. GingleJanglez

    so thats the pride colors for shemales?

  19. dangermike

    She’s actually kind of cute if you can look past the electrolysis scars, cro magnon nose and brow, and Patrick Swayze jawline.

  20. AWOL

    Looks like Sanjaya ran out of gel.

  21. Captain Slappy

    I always wondered what a dude on LSD would make a Twizzler look like during line production.

  22. CharmlessMan


  23. Dr. Awesome

    worm at bottom of tequila bottle + shitty wig + shitty jacket = lea michelle

  24. The Critical Crassness

    Hopefully her character is the one dying to get off the show…no I mean literally dying as in kaput! Dead and Gone! Buried! End of Story!

  25. jew beans

    ah, the pains of being jewish. big features but not refined features unlike a latin or italian girl

    that girl is a dog face

  26. Love child of Karl Malden and Barbra Streisand.

  27. LoonyToon

    It’s a dude!

  28. UnholyKrep

    Short of the mustache being a bit thin, this one looks just like the guy from the Gyros shop.

  29. Michael Believer08

    So that Friday girl will make it somewhere in this world…

  30. paul

    People with huge noses shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes. It’s not slimming enough.

  31. pee


  32. Dice

    I bet half the people here read the comments first before submitting their own just to make sure they dont go against the crowd. Posers.

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