1. Trixie

    Ali is actually looking better than usual!

  2. Kel

    Bad day to be an escort.

  3. Mr Obvious

    What’s he going to play her with? Hopes and dreams of feeling Lindsay’s breasts?

  4. Why does it seem lately, the hideous ones wear see through clothing and the hot ones cover up. What’s this world coming to?

  5. Robb

    It looks so tired…like it’s thinking to itself; “Look, I’m a soulless cumdumpster, but being around this guy makes me feel like a need 4000 showers.”

  6. Robb

    “Like I need”…fuck sakes.

  7. Chinny

    Wow, this photograph shows the exact moment she hit rock bottom.

  8. Deacon Jones

    He’s grimacing because his ass still hurts from that 9” cock of hers she introduced him to in the limo.

  9. baron of all media

    Alligator boots: $800
    Levis stone washed 501s: $70 (adjusted for inflation)
    Northface fleece: $24
    Your daughter in 20 years on your arm: priceless (also adjusted for inflation)

  10. Bucky Barnes

    In the best West Hollywood tradition Michael hired a hot tranny. Good for him!

  11. Colin

    What’s the point in exploiting your daughter to get attention if all you’re gonna do with said undeserved fame is use it to bang women who look like Janice Dickinson?

  12. Well, if you want to take a man in drag out to dinner, West Hollywood IS the place to go.

  13. Allison Wunderlan

    Does she have a pull string, or does he have to wind her up?

  14. It had to be said

    Must feed Lindsay more lesbians . . .

  15. Triona


  16. ChonchArcola

    Courtney Cox left David Arquette for THIS guy??!!?? damn!(looking kinda pudgy too)

  17. Dinklepoop

    Fail. Just fail.

  18. I wonder how much she charges to let guys hoof her in the box?

  19. Isn’t it normally the john that looks embarassed to be caught with the hooker, and not the other way around?

  20. mekks

    he fucks janice dickinson now? talk about rock bottom…

  21. Oneza disgraced stockbroker and oneza failed actress with implants. Can they find happiness with two stale-dated condoms in a three star hotel? Douche Tracker. Friday on Fox.

  22. The hooker is rethinking the deal.

  23. Michael, are them thar yur vurgina-kickin’ boots?

  24. GeneralEmergency

    “Lindsay! Get back here and apologize to my bar-fly! She could be your new mama next week!”

  25. Dr. Awesome

    i’m not even trying to make a joke. how is this guy still fuckin alive?

  26. The Critical Crassness

    Which one of the “Real Housewives of Uglytown” is he with?

  27. Wal-Mart has awesome sales on faded jeans.

  28. Jenny with a Y

    Look at that face he’s making. That face says, “Michael Lohan is – the Vagina Kicker. This fall on Fox; check your local listings.”

  29. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Now that’s the Parent Trap for ya.
    Also, I’d like to ask about the guy on the left – is it common to see such overweight people in Hollywood?

  30. Janice

    “Notice how my mouth never moves. Almost.”

  31. Task

    Too bad they had to take the picture at the exact moment the roofies kicked in.

  32. mandy

    Michael Lohan doing is best Steve Jobs impression.

  33. jlowejd5

    I’ve never had the phrase “forlorn simian escort” come through my head until I saw this picture.

  34. mami needs more milk

    LOL This is the most Messed up Ventriloquist act I’ve ever seen

    she looks like a dead puppet, or a puppet made of a dead hooker,
    he looks like he has his hand up her a ss,

    anyone seen the movie Dead Silence???

  35. gigitastic

    So is it customary to turn dead hookers into puppets? i mean is that part of the agreement? If one dies on you you get to keep it as a puppet? Or are you allowed to do with it as you see fit? Because I have this bad feeling Shes going to end up on his floor like that rug my friends uncle made of the bear he killed… Because nothing says home like a dead hooker. Though I’m sure he doesn’t have to turn her into a rug. She would make a nice coat rack too.

  36. sarah

    Midnight shopping at ‘Hefties’ for Lindsay with her stylist.

  37. FamousPlastic.com

    She looks so bummed…hahah

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