1. kimmykimkim


    • look at the very bottom of this page where it says: The Superficial is a member of BUZZMEDIA Entertainment, a division of BUZZMEDIA
      this is why she’s probably in every single post, every single day, she’s paying advertising obviously….

  2. Swearin

    So what do they serve at this restaurant? Besides pretentiousness.

  3. michael bay

    teen wolf 16

  4. If you look at the hairline, you can see the access seam Kim uses to peel that face off when she’s at home.

  5. “No ma’am…I said would you like P-E-A-S with that?”

  6. Jonas Grumby

    They named the restaurant after the guy from Street Fighter? Wonder if the waiters wear karate outfits . . .

  7. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    … R Y U keep showing up here.

  8. Love how they blended her makeup/spackle right up in to her hair line.

  9. “Scott Disick? I thought you said ‘suck dicks’. I’m out of here.”

  10. Mike

    The highest bidder I’ll pay to see you slam her face down on pavement. That’ll make better buzz.

    I love that she went from a woman who fucked Ray J to a red carpet darling. Today’s spoiled brats who look up to her should have something horrible happen to them.

  11. Bonky

    Three million assholes watch this woman every week and for that E! is giving her $40 million for another three years of her family on TV, sitting around doing nothing.

    • dooood

      they used to say that people who hated howard stern listened to him more frequently and for twice as long.
      there must be something wrong with supply and demand.
      either that or we are all some what masochistic.

      • Peter

        That’s where that quote ““The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” comes in
        It’s very true, if you want something to disappear you must ignore it completely. Hate isn’t the opposite of love, indifference is.

  12. I’m opening a restaurant across the street called “Ken”.

  13. Oz Matters

    I see that Steven Seagal’s hairdresser now has a second client.

  14. She was hoping “Mike” would show up.

  15. cc

    Her face must feel like PlayDoh.

  16. I see the make-up artists from Death Becomes Her are still working.

  17. I thought you were supposed to put down blue painters tape before you spray.

  18. KC

    Many Bothan spies died to bring us that hair line.

  19. My My

    Thank you. My hair is treated with all-natural products. I have a camel lick it flat every morning.

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