1. Skippy86

    Some day , some day Christina your gonna slip up and I’m going to be there.

  2. Oh My

    1:1 boob to head ratio.

  3. This is what Lena Dunham thinks people see when they look at her.

  4. Cock Dr

    When you start to resemble Bozo the Clown it’s time to tone down the henna hair coloring.

  5. ThisWillHurt

    Her dress wasn’t intended to show cleavage, but she made it work. Well done, Ms. Hendricks, well done indeed.

  6. Can I put it in my will that I want to die with my face buried in her chest? I’ll take Kat Dennings if Christina says no.

  7. ScotlandThe Brave

    If John Hamm’s testicles are in proportion to his penis, Christina no longer has the largest globes on Mad Men set.

  8. Robocop

    Sorry, but her huge breasts make her look like a granny — so very matronly and not at all sexy!

  9. I loved both her albums, 19 and 21.

  10. ” Do my shoes look okay?”
    “Nobody cares lady.”

  11. In these tumultuous times, Christina Hendricks’s cleavage reminds me that we’re all gonna be okay.

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