1. The debate rages in her mind: Do I tear his arm off and beat him senseless to get to the popcorn, or do I just bite off some fingers?

  2. Skippy86

    “Jesus I hope the Samsquash doesn’t eat me”

  3. M3

    “hmnnn…. 425 degrees, 32 minutes per pound, baste with it’s juices every 45 minutes… God Damn! that’s a long time to wait for my popcorn stuffed delight…”

  4. He’s hoping the game cam will focus on them so he can be saved…

  5. That is a very realistic looking ventriloquist dummy.

  6. This is just like the deleted scene from “Grizzly Man.”

  7. So the propensity of black guys for refusing to remove the tags from a new ballcap must be genetic, since this kid seems too young to have learned it from anybody. Maybe whoever bought it for him figured they could return it after the Sasquatch inevitably eats him.

  8. Anyone know if this kid was ever seen again?

  9. Cock Dr

    Kid is between her and the snacks….very dangerous.

  10. Robocop

    Looks like the maternal instinct gene missed the K sisters.

    • Trek Girl

      It sure as heck seems to have missed Kim thus far, but the maternal instinct didn’t miss Khloe or Kourtney. If there is one thing that is likable about them, it’s how great they are with children — and how Khloe called her mom crazy for trying to get her to put plates and glasses that were worth hundreds of dollars a piece on her wedding registry.

      Seriously, Khloe is awesome.

  11. G Spot Finder

    I’m sure I saw that kids picture on a milk carton.

  12. “Can you carry me on your shoulders like you did with Yoda?”

  13. EricLr

    Wow, Webster has really gotten desperate for work.

  14. rianon

    and the debate goes on….should she eat him now? or take him back to the cave for later…..

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