1. B&WMinstrel

    ” Cut me Mick! “

  2. Seen here is a man that basically works photoshop magic in real life…

  3. Skippy86

    I’m going with stitches

  4. JK

    When are you ever going to learn he’s not going to change?!

  5. “Alright, just a few more stitches and it’ll be just like your head never hit that car door.”

  6. Cock Dr

    The man will work and work but that fivehead is something that only PhotoShop can fix.

  7. “We just have to reroute this positronic conduit into your neoamygdala… Don’t worry, I used to do this on Data all the time, and it always worked.”

  8. She looks perfectly edible in this picture. And I volunteer for the task.

  9. cc

    Yup that’s gonna need stitches. How did this happen again?

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