1. Did the gay mafia kick him out of their clubhouse?

  2. He went from 70s-era Bowie to late 90s George Michael. He’s the gay pop star Zelig.

  3. Who wakes up and says “What would Billy Ray Cyrus wear?”

  4. Chaz

    Looks like Shia finally got some new pants

  5. Remember when you were 5 and your Mom let you start dressing yourself. Turns out you were a fashion mogul.

  6. Deacon Jones

    Annnnnd this is why people make fun of gay people

  7. If they ever start beating up gay people again, it will be because of this guy.

  8. So wait, is he a dental assistant now?

  9. 1st: Dress like Shia Saide LaBeouf
    2nd: Walk and act like a douche bag
    3rd: Follow 1 and 2 Solved!

  10. Swearin

    Little-known fact: this was the original look Bryan Singer chose for Quicksilver in the next X-Men film

  11. This is what Miley’s offspring would look like if Billy Ray agreed to a devil’s three way with George Michael.

  12. Adam…..Who?

  13. This only proves that in modern society rich, self-absorbed morons of every orientation, creed and color have equal rights to dress like the biggest douches in the world…

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