1. Pimpin’ ain’t easy…

  2. That’s an unrepentant expression.

  3. This guy knows how to party.

  4. Was the prostitute one of those urchin chimney sweeps?

  5. That’s the face of a man who was surprised his hooker would try to steal money out of his bank account after he gave her his ATM card and NIP – seriously, that’s why he was arrested.

  6. Whatever happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

  7. jep

    He beat up Snow White? Man, those dwarfs are gonna be pissed.

  8. And bitter beer face to top it all off.

  9. skunk

    ice road fuckers

  10. He looks like MegaMind’s fucked up redneck cousin.

  11. It’s like someone spliced Robin Williams with Lou Costello.

  12. I’m not even sure that’s illegal in Vegas.

  13. Deacon Jones

    Guarantee that gu is amped out of his mind on cocaine/meth.

  14. Couldn’t you pull over any truck driver and charge them with that?

  15. So much for that wholesome image that reality tv has worked so hard to maintain.

  16. Chim, chimney
    Chim, chimney
    Chim, chim, cher-ee
    A sweep is as lucky
    As lucky can be

    Chim, chimney
    Chim, chimney
    Chim, chim, cher-oo
    Good luck will rub off when
    I shakes hands with you
    Or blow me a kiss
    And that’s lucky too!

  17. Swearin

    If convicted, he’ll star in a new TV show from prison: “Butt Hole Thrusters”

  18. so this is what happens when an anvil lands on your face in real life? bugs bunny wasn’t totally incorrect.

  19. david(guest)

    this is what Bronze in the World Gurning Championships looks like

  20. Look at his eyes. He’s high as fuck.

  21. Johnny Barbells

    “coercion of a prostitute” …how fucked up do you have to be for a hooker to say; “uh, no thanks, i’ll take the next one.”

  22. Give me a can of spinach, a pipe and Olive Oil………….I am out.

    “I am what I am…”

  23. benny b

    Faces of Meth

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