1. Christ, there’s a heck of a contrast between this and the previous pic!

  2. dirt dog

    She is just embarrassing herself at this point.

  3. It’s like an ostrich’s body with Friar Tuck’s head…

  4. She has never, ever broken a sweat in her life.

  5. maoix

    I need to start drinking again.

  6. Somewhere in that camper, two terrified children are watching a glass of water vibrate on the dashboard.

  7. meeps!

    So GIRLS is about an inflatable clown punching bag that does what…?

  8. Who do I call to hire Stewie Griffin? Tell him to bring his tuba.

  9. Silk Socks

    She is the physical representation of a fisheye lens.

  10. Ever notice you never see Lena Dunham and (Tim Burton’s) Oswald Cobblepot in the same place at the same time?

  11. Marketing Mike

    I will never, ever, be able to un-see this picture.

  12. jep

    Damn… it looks like two battleships are fighting under a blanket.

  13. I may be wrong here, but I MAY rather see Rita Rusic than this potato looking bitch.

  14. Big Bird! That’s who she reminds me of!

  15. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    To say that’s an unfortunate body, is to say Hitler had a slight problem with the Jews.

  16. Jezebel

    Bruce Vilanch is wearing some short shorts!

  17. PassingTrue

    Maam, would you like to meet Clint Howard?

  18. Ronaldo

    Why did i remembered the Penguin (dany devito) in Batman Returns??? Oh yes…i know why.

  19. cajunhawk

    All the womens should take note…this is not what we want…ever.

  20. GLT

    “What do you think about this picture, Forrest?”
    “Lumpy is as lumpy does.”

  21. You can’t do that! You can’t throw Brook at us and then swing a Dunham next! You can’t do that to my penis!

  22. Holy eye-ache Batman, it’s the Penguin!

  23. I’m amazed that her thighs haven’t caught fire yet from the friction

  24. buzz

    Awesome. Hope she keeps getting bigger because everyone knows there’s a direct correlation to the bigger a young actress gets the less she’s on TV. She’s irritating as hell.

  25. kate upton after an ice cream binge, that’s what this is.

  26. They say the camera adds 10 pounds. How MANY cameras took this picture???

  27. 9,000 other celebrities would be mortified to show a pic with this much ass. They would be wrong.

    On the plus side, at least this is not an underwear selfie.

  28. She’s so gross. The Penguin comparisons are appropriate.

  29. No idea……Literally…….No comment.

  30. One could say that you’re viewing Clint Howards pad, in New York on her up her east side.

    It’s sad having this image after Kelly Brooks back end in the picture before. The only one rewarded here are the Japanese reading right to left, they get the apology after the insult.

  31. Robb7

    And this POS gets naked every week on her show, why??!!

  32. Everyone here is too hard on the poor girl. She is a professional! She obviously wants to try for the role of Lumpy Space Princess in the Adventure Time movie, and no one’s told her yet it will be animated…

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