1. For an old guy he can plank with the best of them.

  2. I’m not gonna knock on him because I think he’s doing a much better job of being pope but somebody should really check for a pulse.

    • For an organization that regularly hires septuagenarians, they may already have a protocol for this. Maybe something like those “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” gizmos.

  3. Catholic Easter Egg hunts creep me out.

  4. Juch

    When is Francis gonna learn that even a papal cape can’t make you fly?

  5. Bonky

    Ok, that’s it, were changing the Communion wine to grape juice !

  6. MarketingMike

    How does that little kid underneath him breath?

  7. He’s done a good job reaching out to all groups so I’ll give him a pass for looking like someone who had too much Jesus juice.

  8. joe

    I think most of religion is a pile of shit, but this guy’s at least trying.

    • Really? What has he done that’s impressed you in any way?
      Personally I’m getting a little sick of hearing how amazing this guy is just because he’s not a child rapist apologist as much as the last guy was. Not preaching as much hate…is that all it takes to be called a great Pope these days?

      Christians must be proud to have the bar set so high

      • Johnny Barbells

        …well, yeah, i kinda think that’s the point …when you belong to an institution, and that institution has lost it’s way and become corrupt, and it’s remained that way for centuries, and you come along and you go completely against that long-standing status-quo, trying to affect positive change from the inside, knowing damn well you’ll incur the wrath of those who are still towing the company line …yeah, you deserve some pats on the back …i hear what you’re saying and agree with you on some level, but, the church has’nt been “good” for a long time, and he’s the first pope in modern times to make some small strides toward breaking that cycle …so, maybe lighten up on the guy?

      • That’s a great point. Thank you for speaking up.

  9. Yeah, he gets a pass from me, infinitely a much better Pope than any of the other ones have ever been.

  10. JimBB

    Okay, which one of you fuckers drew on my face while I was passed out?

  11. j/k

    The very next moment he jumped up, yelled “HEEEEYYYYYA” and did a split.

  12. Max

    Pope Lohan.

  13. Little known fact: In the Vatican, the glory holes are on the floor.

  14. Is that the floor at the Bellagio??

  15. Odbarc

    The Pope is Planking things. People don’t do that anymore!

  16. really, who amongst us hasn’t rubbed one out on a carpet?

  17. Can’t we let the poor man watch Game of Thrones on his iPhone in peace?

  18. Superpope! Up, up, and away!

  19. Johnny Barbells

    “…i’ve fallen …and i can’t get up!”

  20. alexxx3488

    You gotta pay the troll toll, to get into that boy’s ‘ole. You gotta pay the troll toll to get in…

  21. The carpet matches the drapes.

  22. ultra

    pro tip: superman capes hide child rape.

  23. Lindsay says move that Pope, she wants to park there.

  24. “Fifteen paleface on horses passed this way not more than ten minutes ago.”

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