1. Cuddles

    His legs are because of the AIDS, right?

  2. fred

    He’s got that “I have AIDS and I still fuck more bitches than you” look on his face.

  3. Was it the Aids that Turned his kid so Very Gay

  4. My favorite basketball player of all time. Got nothing shitty to say here.

  5. Really...?

    I’m starting to wonder if this guy ever had the aids, or if it was another one of the Obama sponsored masterplans to enable a gay liberal takeover of the United States ?

  6. Seriously, I don’t think he ever had AIDS, I mean, no way.

  7. He never had the AIDS, he’s HIV pos, but it hasn’t progressed.

    The theory is GSK pharma “cured” him, but I’d put money down he’s a long term non-progenitor.

    • He was the first super-rich HIV-positive patient, so he had the money to pay for the extremely expensive drug cocktails early on, before the prices dropped. He was also in otherwise great physical shape, and exercise is always good for the body.

  8. Looks like he lost some weight recently…guess the aids is kickin in finally. To think we thought he was lying for the publicity all these years.

  9. My

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