1. My god, she looks good here – almost, but not quite, good enough to risk the wrath of Cruise.

  2. Juch

    Face has still got that lumpy Playdoh look to it.

  3. She looks like a younger Sally Fields here, but that’s not a bad thing.

  4. George P. Burdell

    She looks a lot like Miss Meadows, my 11th grade English teacher.

  5. Scientology is hell on the body.

  6. Really...?

    Its like a younger Weaver / Fields combo. And I’d embrace the wrath of Cruise for that, I truly would !

  7. david(guest)

    she has the look of a girl who is the right side of a feed of alcohol. i’d take her home, to her house.

  8. She’s cute, but she has Mary Jo Buttafuocco’s smile.

  9. Whatever that dress is doing, it’s doing it wrong.

  10. bob

    Her only regret is that she has boneitis

  11. Fuck Tom Cruise. I would nail dat ass.

  12. I am surprised that no “handcuff” comments were made.

  13. She’s so cute, but she always looks like she needs a bath.

  14. Why is it that she’s forgotten how to brush her hair?

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