1. I speak on behalf of all men: Dayummm

  2. The butt is surreal.

  3. When you spend $100K for a blowjob, this is what you should get, not Lindsay Lohan.

  4. I have the strangest boner… Nope, my bad. That is a perfectly normal boner.

  5. Appendy

    She’s got boobs in her cheeks, boobs in her butt, and boobs in her… boobs.

  6. Deacon Jones

    Butt implants?

    Either way, Im sold.

  7. Stewie

    Ass implants, do you pay per cheek or by the pound?

  8. She got a donk.

  9. I can’t believe all you guys who think she’s so hot. I’ll bet that ass has a freckle on it somewhere!

  10. lily

    wow someones been doing her squats correctly ;)

  11. Ronaldo

    Holy Shit. She is just every fantasy come true

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