1. KingDoosher


  2. JC

    “What, what’s that? No, nothing’s wrong with my foot. This is an artistic statement.”

  3. “I call this piece “My foot in my career’s ass”… I think it speaks for itself….”

  4. The Pope

    Is it a LaBeoufus or a MinoBeouf? I can never remember.

  5. “My rectum? oh I’d say about this big…why do you ask?”

  6. Inner Retard

    Unlike other times the people in the background are actually setting up the fence to keep LaBeouf away from society.

  7. He is always broken. He must get his ass kicked a lot.

  8. guttboy

    No medical reason he couldn’t remove this boot for a T.V. appearance, apart from the condition he suffers from known as “douche” or is it “attention whoreitis”……

  9. John Travolta

    Snowboarding on one foot.

  10. His chin looks like the underside of Andre the Giant’s balls.

  11. MIRV

    He’s showing the move he makes when he’s got two guys in him and he needs to “take care” of a third.

  12. Mike Walker

    I hear dixieland music.

  13. Stewie

    Was this right before he told Dave that there was only room in the play for one asshole and the older one got to stay?

  14. “Well, the hole was about this big, but it was quite low to the ground, so when I bent to get a better angle for more depth, I slipped on the wet tile and twisted my ankle. Normally it would just be a sprain, but … well … this wasn’t the first time …”

  15. Your shoe’s unvelc’ed. Don’t be so gullible, McFly!

  16. Oh great. Now he’s a bionic douche.

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