1. Dad, I don’t want to upset you, but my left breast is developing at a significantly faster rate than my right. It can only mean one thing: cancer. I’m dying.

  2. Went from “My girl” to “My girlssss” amirite???

  3. The crazy eyes say ‘stay away’ but the boobs are saying ‘c’mon over here’! Good thing I never look girls in the eyes.

  4. grobpilot

    Kinda psycho-looking, you think?

  5. She looks just crazy and busty enough to be the future Mrs Smackup.

  6. Cock Dr

    I like ‘em crazy looking but they must appear clean.
    This one qualifies.

  7. See what you missed out on because you couldn’t stay the fuck away from the bees?

  8. She’s still hot. I totally still would.

  9. Hank E. Ring

    She looks as if she just realized she was crop dusted by someone.

  10. BB

    Clearly not ALL of the surgery has been a bust for Carrot Top.

  11. Man, I love when he burst out of the bathroom firing his hand cannon only to hit nothing.

  12. Looks too much like John Malkovich.

  13. I am kind of turned on by her.

  14. I’ll bet she can do marvelous things with that pretty mouth…

  15. three of any chromosome is really too many

  16. I don’t know what this is, but it frightens me.

  17. father dougal

    I never thought derp could be a sexy look.

  18. Skeeter

    I’d motorboat those tits and pound her in the ass. I bet she loves that.

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