1. Such a multi-talented actress… Mountains of talent… Talent just flowing right our of her…
    What I am trying to say here, folks, is: BEWBS….

  2. Inner Retard

    She bows to us, we bow to her talents. Wait, if we bow we can’t see her talents. Cue ‘Applause’ sign!

  3. MD2020

    Hmm, the film’s untitled? May I suggest “Boobs”?

  4. No kid will go hungry with those games.

  5. Toe Jam

    Now it’s dark…mommy, mommy!!

  6. Oh sure, for fancy schmanzy director David O. Russell, she’ll wear a wig and a fur coat, but she just ignores the hundreds of letters I’ve written her asking if she’d show up at my house in a panda outfit. Snob.

  7. Fairly safe to say the title of this movie should be “How I won my Oscar”.

  8. I disagree that it is un-tit-led.

  9. Those are some nice sweater puppies. She has my full attention.

  10. John Travolta


  11. KC

    Even her boobs say “derp!”

  12. “View Full Size”

  13. Shemp

    I’d recognize those “Boob-moles-in-the-shape-of-the-Big-Dipper” anywhere…

  14. Dear Jesus,

    Thank you for sending Jennifer Lawrence to us.

    I recall about 12 years ago you sent us Jennifer Love Hewitt. When she arrived she was smokin’ hot, much like Jennifer Lawrence is today. But over the years JLH got less hot and more fat. Unfortunately she never showed us her beautiful titties. Now it’s too late.

    Please Jesus, please let us see Jennifer’s titties before she turns into a needy, fat, cow load with three wedding rings and no sense of reality.

  15. I am constantly amazed at how beautiful this young woman is. I’d love to have her over for breakfast. NOT have her over to be my breakfast companion. Have her over to BE breakfast.

  16. Stewie

    Ok stay right there…………and I’m done.

  17. cc


  18. Miranda Veracruz DeLaHoya Cardinal


  19. They look symmetrical to me.

  20. Yoda Mann

    Milkers. They do a body proud.

  21. Seth MacFarlane predicts the future.

  22. Miranda Veracruz DeLaHoya Cardinal

    Hope to see her “accidentally” tweet these to her GF soon.

  23. Drundel


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