1. Frank Burns

    So not only is she extremely beautiful, cellophane-wrapped giant golden eggs also drop out of her cooch? Damn you Orlando Bloom, just damn you!

  2. MisterSuccint

    The baby was in breech position,
    so I did this and … POP!

  3. Bob

    My girlfriend needs to get her shit together.

  4. Sheppy

    MMmmm. Bendy.

  5. Could you do that while I’m standing right behind you? I won’t try anything, I swear…

  6. Dick Hell

    Finally! Foot fetishists can have intercourse while standing.

  7. mbcl

    “Hello … Hello… sorry I thought my shoe phone was ringing.”

  8. I love a flexible woman. Can she get her feet behind her head while on her back?

  9. Meig

    Alright, beautiful, yes, but those toothpick legs are completely out of proportion to her upper body homies – the ad is airbrushed to make her look more muscular and healthy. Bobble-head fo sho.

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