1. Just_As_it_IS

    “Make sure you take a picture of Ice-T too”

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    If by “Safe” they mean 1,000 guys have reached where she’s pointing safely, I agree.

  3. “Steel safe? Try sticking your valuables in here if you really want them to be inaccessible.”

  4. “Don’t forget to get my ass in the shot!”

  5. Bonky

    “I assume you guys are here to photograph that, right ?”

  6. Sheppy

    We can see it, love.

  7. Deacon Jones

    ” I just shit myself in this dress and you cant even tell!”

  8. Allison Wunderlan

    It used to be Pangea until the tectonic plates shifted.

  9. carol rules

    orange monster ass.

  10. Billybob

    FINALLY someone using their oversized disgusting ass as a vehicle for fame.

  11. Grand Poobah

    looks like she is carrying her own enema bag to the event, which is good, that ass needs a huge purging, way too much junk in the trunk.

  12. I’m an ass man but that’s just messed up.

  13. Grand Poobah

    bitch needs a trailer..

  14. Boo

    See my ass is HUGE!

  15. John

    Someone needs to tell her it’s not funny if she pulls her own finger!

  16. Someone asked her how she paid for her trip to the premiere.

  17. Such a classy lady.

  18. Urvag

    Flashing your ginormous ass won’t hide the fact you are secretly an oompa loompa

  19. Scully

    Wonder how many cans of spaghetti-o’s it took to get that shade of orange?

  20. Renfro

    ice tea lost his dick in there

  21. Since when do they hold premieres for pornos?

  22. The Brown Streak

    The USGS has determined that the causes of the frequent quakes are the rhythmic pattens of Coco and Ncki Minaj sitting down at the same time.

  23. O'chunt

    “My greatest asset? Down there.”

  24. She has to point it out to us? As if we can’t see it — from space?!

  25. King Diamond

    Next time you look at pictures of that horse head Kim karwhatever, and this gross spectacle. THink about the diet that they consume to get that rear and all the time spent on the toilet because of that diet.

    Yet in this time and age, its acceptable and we make them famous.

  26. I like Coco. I hate Kim Kardashian. It’s not about the ass. The ass is part of it, but personality is a biger part of it. Kim K is full of shit, willing to use anybody and anything to further her prospects. all the while pretending to be an angel.

    Coco as far as I know is pretty normal. She’s not a gold digging succubus.

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