1. He then immediately offended them by saying, “HOW, BIG CHIEF SQUANTO! WE SMOKUM PEACE PIPE?”

  2. It’s as if we haven’t done enough to these people…

    • Que no sabe

      I know, now self-loathing Americans can fund and support their racist agenda as equality. Gladly advertise their fleecing of our society at their casinos, and nod along as they imagine their history and blame everyone but themselves for their failure. Never mind the monthly check and tax breaks the government sends them for being sovereign nations. Protected class, doesn’t sounds very “equal” to me.

      • So just to fact check you, lots of tribes live in poverty and if it wasn’t for the government assistance, they would be in worse shape.
        I was simply making a hyperbolic comment on our dilution of their culture through idiotic interpretations like this one.
        El que no sabe eres tu!

  3. Jill

    Nothing racially insensitve to see here.

  4. Bonky

    I guess Johnny figured “As long as the check clears, these people will do anything”.

  5. Oh, cool. I didn’t know they were making a sequel to Edward Scissorhands.

  6. They made him an honorary tribe member, naming him “Rapes With Camera.”

  7. Billybob

    Don’t worry, in traditional Navajo culture this is what’s known as ‘the handshake of death.’

  8. Hi, how are you?
    Hi, how are you?

  9. I wonder if that blanket has smallpox on it.

  10. That awkward moment when you’re dressed up in full war paint and run into an an actual Indian.

  11. The Pope

    “We’re incredibly offended, but y’know…money.”

  12. jd

    When the fuck did Tonto start dressing like Gene Simmons?

  13. direchef

    Tim Burton is on the rock in the background shouting for more haberdashery.

  14. carol rules

    johnny have tiny head. maybe that’s his indian name: tiny head.

  15. EricLr

    Typical white man. Took him 20 years to finally get around to embarrassing the *Indian* people.

  16. Chris

    Chester Wellington, in blackface as Trayvon Martin, meets elders from the NAACP while filming “The Lone Neighborhood Watcher” in south Florida.

  17. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    “Lovely to meet you too…fancy a curry?”

  18. Navajo Indians overjoyed that Ke-mo sah-bee “accidentally” fell from the cliff. Hi Ho Tonto and away!

  19. To add insult to injury, Tim Burton was unavailable for this photoshoot… he was off finding an ancient Indian burial ground to piss on.

  20. Raaaaaaaa

    … “red face” an actual term?

  21. “Man, am I red-faced.”

  22. The Brown Streak

    Picture is now posted on every Navajo casino wall.

  23. “Johny you look just like we did when we were young warriors….BAHAHA….just kidding we wore pants and went to college”

  24. tlmck

    I’m a little slow, but I finally figured out that the more warped you are, the more money you make in Hollywood.

  25. Colostomy Bag

    Since when did Rooney Maraswitch from Swedish thrillers into 2nd rate Westerns?

  26. TigerGD

    Which one is the Al Sharpton and which is the Jessie Jackson?

  27. “What the hell is legendary wrestler Sting doing in the desert? That was my first thought upon seeing this.

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