1. Jill

    I picute her just about to go into the “Roll in Zee Hay” line from Young Frankenstein. Then I remember she’s an idiot who’s probably never heard of Mel Brooks.

  2. Alex

    What’s she looking at in the sky?

  3. Batman


  4. The Pope

    Not pictured: her uncle Jed, granny, and cousin Jethro.

  5. CK

    That Heidi Montag mouth doesn’t work on her, either.

  6. Frank Burns

    Away in a manger,
    A skank took his bed
    The little Lord Jesus
    Said “SMDH”.

  7. Throjo

    “watch me catch this hay on fire! BRRRRRRPPPPPPPT!”

  8. Deacon Jones

    The only thing that could make this picture bearable would be if a bunch of farm animals ran up and started gangraping her over that bale of hay.

  9. Sizzler

    Awww, that My Little Pony will have enough hay to last her through the winter!

  10. Boo

    I like.

  11. I could go on a steady diet of her pussy!

  12. mbcl

    “uh oh , she’s going to put her foot in her mouth again .”

  13. Chicks need to lay off the retarded stripper heels. They look ridiculous.

  14. Very pretty girl.

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