1. j/k

    What don’t you understand? His name is Dick, not Condom.

  2. That’s not even close to the most dicks he’s had at once.

  3. not really his kids.

  4. Joe Blow

    Wow… the rarest of nature sightings. A gobble of dicks!

  5. Nonnie Moose

    They’ve been doing artificial insemination for ages, now.

  6. ThisWillHurt

    I call bullshit! I’ve never seen him with a baby bump!

  7. Probably the first time a paternity test has been requested by the kids.

  8. Chris

    Which one is Lucas and which one is Jacob?

  9. anonbean

    Lucas isn’t in that picture…just Jacob and Meg.

  10. Jon Hex

    Andy Dick is bisexual not gay.

  11. Nice family. Let’s hope they don’t turn out to be fuckups like their Dad.

  12. Jenn

    Andy’s got this awesome look on his face, a cross between pride and I know what you’re all thinking and muahaha, I find it hilarious to fuck with your minds!

  13. Tomorrow he’ll announce he fathered Octomom’s kids. Stay tuned.

  14. Is it me, or does he seem to be adding a new kid every week?

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