1. I gather she was there as counterpoint.


  3. It’s about time they found a spokesperson to replace Martha Raye.

  4. Damn, Jessica Lange!

  5. ScotlandThe Brave

    Debbie Reynolds still alive?

  6. Leatherface

    Quit stealing my gimmick, bitch.

  7. The anti-Heather Graham. This is how you age poorly.

  8. Oh shit! Carrot Top went blond and got breast implants!

  9. As she ages she’s looking less and less like Pamela Anderson and more and more like a Pamela Anderson drag impersonator.

  10. Er ist Tot

    Ooh, it’s the American Mortuary Awards…and the award for best hair and makeup on a corpse goes to…

  11. Jenn

    I thought Chicago was the Windy City, that would explain this hair.

  12. Person

    Jack Nicholson is looking fine!

  13. “Ms. Anderson, how do you respond to rumors that hepatitis causes hair tangles and knots?”

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