1. This year’s Coachella also featured yodeling.

  2. That outfit seems like it should be hot…but on her it just looks like a chick who’d suck a greasy dudes dick on camera to get an acting job.

  3. which raises an important philosophical question, do you let an acid tripping Chloe suck on your brown bunny? No, because she may try to eat it.

  4. Tiggles

    Wow, still in your Oktoberfest outfit Chloe? Party on gurl!

  5. alex

    Ugliest woman in Hollywood. She is the female Shemp.

  6. Little Tongue

    Oh! Isn’t this Heïdi looking for her goat! On the mountain! In the snow!

  7. Not nearly as impressive fully clothed.

  8. Heidi got shitfaced and went to Coachella. The scarf makes the outfit btw.

  9. “So many fuckin’ names. Vietn….wha? Fuck you! I know where I fucking am! Assholes. I’m HUNGRY!”

  10. Coachella? Man, who did she have to blow to get in there?

  11. “I’m a little Dutch girl (hic)…off to stick my fingers into a dyke!(hic)”

  12. I almost didn’t recognise her without a cock down her throat.

  13. Lay-Hee-Whooo

    No, I said Cochella, not Riccola!

  14. Sadly, no one had told Chloë Sevigny that “Big Love” was cancelled two years ago.

  15. cc

    The St Pauli girls looks like hell these days.

  16. The memory of blowing Vincent Gallo can strike unexpectedly at any moment.

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