2. Sheppy

    PB wants everyone to know he hates you and wants you to be unhappy.

  3. Joe Blow

    That’s a handsome face.

  4. watta fuckin mess

  5. I wouldn’t even fuck her with Pink’s dick.

  6. This just proves how easy it is to befuddle a man with big fake boobs, cause her face is like…. whatever, I don’t know… Huh. Nice rack.

  7. Giving America the weirdest & angriest boners since Henry Hill faked his death and went back into witness protection.

  8. alex

    Five photo’s of this?? five?

  9. JC

    You forgot to put quotes around “personality.” And I know “wives” is technically already in quotes, but an extra set wouldn’t hurt there, either.

  10. Ever since I saw her face I’ve been looking for her penis. Gotta be in there somewhere.

  11. tlmck

    Proof that crime does not pay.

  12. I’m out, fuck this shit.

  13. lawn

    I hope there’s a contract out for her plastic surgeon.

  14. needs to tone that FUPA…gross.

  15. The comments on these pictures made me cry I laughed so hard. Thanks guys

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