1. Game of Lawn Chairs

    I seriously had to think for a second who they were. I mean there were no tits or hints or anything to help me.

  2. Why hide the tits, Kat? They’re the only reason that show is still on the air.

  3. Wow, Kat looks the best I have ever seen her

  4. anonymous

    Does the blonde ever appear in public without Kat Dennings?

  5. roar

    Bear Grylls is sexier.

  6. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    It’s in their contracts … second fiddle must always walk 5 paces behind

  7. Between Beth’s legs and Kat’s tits this would actually be a fun threesome

  8. donkeylicks

    It’s meow meow!

  9. BlackManUSA

    “How in the fuck am I the hot one in this picture?”

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