1. Game of Lawn Chairs

    She’s just getting in the mood for her next audition.

  2. Is someone trying to remove the stick up her ass?

  3. Tiggles

    “I’ll fuggin’ sue New York if they use this picture to say I was in New York! Fuggin’.Sue.Them.”

  4. George P. Burdell

    She is allergic to baby.

  5. meeps!

    She JUST realized she’s Katherine Heigl…

  6. fred

    “And then my husband brushed his teeth, got in bed, took his penis out, and tried to have sex with me. EEeeewww. So gross. I told him to just put that disgusting thing away and rolled right over. Can you believe that? Can you believe he tried to do that AGAIN?”

  7. Off to sue Rite Aid.

  8. “I’m melting…melting…”

  9. MrSmapBeavSr

    Dis sound pterodactyl make……groink!!!

    • Shouldn’t it be dis sound mother hen make peck peck peck or dis sound bitch make woof woof woof OR dis sound career make *flat line sound*

  10. jep

    Nice hands, grandma.

  11. damn, that’s at least as unfortunate as that Lena photo.

  12. journalschism

    “Who is that f*cking bitch?!?!” NOT PICTURED: Mirror on sidewalk

  13. Yup, she finally saw all her romcoms in one sitting.

  14. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Multiple Personality Disorder – the gift a REAL Stage Mom makes sure her little girl has before “it’s too late”.

  15. PassingTrue

    So, then it’s like my fault that I couldn’t work the damn claw to get a stuffed bunny from the vending machine. So I just said “screw you Easter” it’s not like Jesus ever did anything for me.

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