1. Even the black dude doesn’t want to hit that!

  2. WTF is Al Sharpton up to now?

    • …i get it; ’cause we all look alike …you’re too funny.

      • I take it this is your first time on the site. This is not a “black people all look alike” joke, so cool your jets. Here in the Superficial comments section, we make fun of all races equally, many times finding a photo of a person and saying they are someone else. “Hey look, the old guy looks like Kenny Rogers!” We often refer to Sarah Jessica Parker as a horse. And lots of men are referred to by women’s names when they are looking particularly feminine in a photo. We are consistently equal opportunity around here.

  3. I wouldn’t touch her with a stolen dick. Awful woman.

  4. afbun

    Oh look she got another boob job. Its not helping honey you need to have them aim higher to fix the problem.

  5. The guy in the back just had a craving for beef jerky but he doesn’t understand why.

  6. jep


  7. one of the few people I actively hate without having ever met. Not one redeeming feature.

  8. It’s a crime to wear leather! ….. What dress?

  9. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Just look at how far we’ve come!

    “Buffalo Bill” can wear his “woman suit” out in public now.

  10. anytime anyone ever sees her on the street, they should yell ‘CANCELED’ at her. you gotta be a fucking failure if the house fraus don’t want to watch you during the day. her personality is more grating than running a cheese grater over your face. over and over again.

  11. PassingTrue


  12. She looks more like Bethenny Frankenberry.

  13. Tim

    I would.

  14. BlackManUSA

    Yup. And there is the black guy saying it ALL with his eyes…

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