1. “Would you mind not eating the food off of my plate?”
    “Whatever makes you happy Dr. Zaius.”

  2. Smapdi

    “Woman, how many times I got to tell you, the hat goes on backwards, not the lettering on the front of the hat.”

  3. anonymous

    “Where’s the baby? What do you mean you Blue Ivy with me? I left her with you.”

  4. Boyz

    Dough Boy wants his hats back.

  5. they almost look like real people here.

  6. “$$$$$$$$$?”
    “$$ $$$$ $$ $ $$$$$.”
    “$$$$ $$ $$$$$ $$$$$!”

  7. icu

    Damn nigga!

  8. The GOP is obviously against the redistribution of wealth, but I wonder if that applies to black people too?

    You propose that bill and I bet it flies through the House.

  9. Andie

    Didn’t anyone ever teach these people it’s bad manners to wear a hat at the table?

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