1. You can tell this isn’t photoshopped because the wavy lines are on her dress instead of the tiles, doorways or walls.



  3. Hugh G Rection

    Poor Kim. Flying is difficult when you have to buy a separate ticket for your ass.

  4. Game of Lawn Chairs

    Actually, she’s standing still. That ass just hasn’t stopped moving since she stood up.

  5. Someone better go tell Jimbo Wallace his upright bass walked off again.

  6. Were waiting for the light cycles to start the race on her ass.

  7. That poor zipper.

  8. Every time she shimmies her ass left or right a 400mph wind destroys everything in its path.

  9. MoreMariaNow!!

    She is not The One!! Moooooooooooo

  10. I was just reading that this airport moved over 2,000,000 metric tons of cargo in 2012. Today, they’re going to do it in one flight.

  11. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    The zipper is NOT partially hidden under a belt …

    … that’s Spanx new ‘Black Hole Girdle” – guaranteed hide 99.99% of the actual mASS it encompASSES

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