1. Hugh G. Rection

    Lena, be careful getting into the car. We don’t want to have a Paris Hilton incident.

  2. Where’s Jaws when you need a bloody stump?

  3. One ill timed breeze and human eyesight is forever destroyed.

  4. Joel R

    Pants….pants…. sing the praises of …pants…

  5. There goes my lunch.

  6. This is the kind of thing that makes an atheist want to go to church.

  7. The skin bleaching worked really well for Grimace.

  8. And in one act of cruelty, the tri-borough area swore off cottage cheese for life.

  9. We went from Bar to Blah with just 1 click. Damn you Photo Boy.

  10. Not a single breeze around. Mother Nature has our backs.

  11. For someone that has the body of a week old baked potato, it sure is easy to find out what she looks like naked.

  12. say what

    Who is this guy?

  13. i love this!!!!!!!!
    post more of this!!!!!!!!!!
    check out the enlarged pic!!!!!!!

    (haha i own stock in eye bleach!!!!!!)

  14. ouch. unfortunate photo. but she’s pregnant right?

  15. Ohpleasegodnobreezeohpleasegodnobreezepleasepleaseplease

  16. I was in mid fap after the Bar post, clicked over and threw up on my junk.

  17. PassingTrue

    Apparently as part of Obamacare we get free visual contraceptives.

  18. Um… um…


    Ha! Nailed it!

  19. BlackManUSA

    “The photogs won’t leave me alone. I know!! I flash my vagina!!!”

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